HackPack CTF is a security competition that is part of the two security courses at NCSU: CSC-405 Computer Security and CSC-591/791 LLMs in Security. The target audience is people interested in computer security that have some related background (like took a security course before ;) and want to exercise their skills in a secure environment by solving security challenges.

Team Registration

You can register your team here! (Registration will open on April 1st)

Important dates

The CTF will start on April 12th at 12pm EDT and finish on April 13th at 12pm EDT (24 hours).

CTF format

This competition is a Jeopardy-style CTF, which means that challenges are independent and run on our infrastructure. This year, we are not following the traditional categories (pwn,re,web,etc), but instead are introducing a new set of categories that would be revealed on the day of the competition.

The competition has dynamic scoring, so the more people solve a challenge the less amount of points everyone that solved it gets.

Flag format

All flags in the competition have the following format: flag{abc}

Challenge difficulty

The challenges in this competition are designed so that a significant subset of them can be solved within a 24-hour live event that is happening every year at NCSU as part of the security classes of the semester.


None of the challenges require bruteforcing, so any action causing unnecessarily high loads for CPU/GPU, traffic, memory, I/O, etc. on our infrastructure, other teams or any other party is strictly prohibited.

If you discover a bug that is affecting the competition, let us know (#bug-reporting channel on discord) instead of acting maliciously (deleting flags, breaking the challenge deliberately, etc).

Lastly, do not share flags with other teams or ask for flags. Be a l33t hacker and capture the flags with your sk177z.


HackPack CTF could not have been possible without our sponsors .

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